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Cori SS14


This is a last show from São Paulo. This collection also is inspired by sport wear. Very minimalistic and modern. Shiny fabrics and basic shapes. Feminine and perfect in many different occasions.
Summarizing next season is all about minimalistic look with sporty inspired looks. Touches of vibrant color to make everything more interesting.

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The Springtime Black Watch Tartan

Black Watch Tartan Scarf

So what exactly is Black Watch tartan, anyway?

According to Esquire, the Black Watch plaid isn’t a girly plaid. Oh no, it’s a “I’m gonna drink whiskey until dawn and fight you at Devil’s Rock” kind of plaid.

According to my friends, it sounds “kinda military” and “cool.”

First of all, Black Watch refers to an infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland. Apparently, King George I organized a “Watch” of six independent Companies and that each Company was to wear a plaid of the same pattern and color, i.e. the Black Watch plaid.

Tartan, is what we more commonly call “plaid” in the States and was originated in wool fabrics, though we all know it’s prevalent in just about every kind of fabric you can think of. Still confused? Scottish kilts usually have tartan patterns.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to find a Black Watch tartan wool and cashmere…

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Prep School Curls












From the outside boarding schools have the stereotypes of being preppy oases filled with whale belts, pearls, and monogramed socks. While these stereotypes have some accuracy, many students break these by re-inventing the preppy classics. 

Field jackets, boat shoes, headbands, and oxford cloth shirts are common at any boarding school. However when paired with motorcycle boots, jersey dresses, and edgy pants the classic look fades away and is replaced with a new style.

Dress-code that prohibits denim, short skirts and/or revealing tops, and requires a jacket and tie for boys is at first seen as restrictive. However most students have discovered that looking smart for classes has a better affect on the learning environment. 

Students instantly become more creative about what is wearable, and most look sharp everyday. Many live by the life motto “If you look good, you feel…

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Designer Spotlight: Vineyard Vines

The Fashion Foot

It has become clear that Vineyard Vines has taken the preppy nation by storm within the past several years. Whether or not you own something from the brand, you most definitely have seen their pink whale logo plastered on the back of cars, phones and laptops on college campuses across the nation. Vineyard Vines is a fairly young brand, being founded in 1998 in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard by two brothers. The brand started with one essential preppy accessory–bow ties. These brothers gave up their demanding jobs in NYC to live “The Good Life.” (and well find jobs) on Martha’s Vineyard. After selling some of their bow ties locally and receiving great feedback, they decided to take the plunge and created Vineyard Vines.


Since then, Vineyard Vines has grown to be a highly successful brand with store locations throughout the country. Unlike many other brands, their “key product” isn’t…

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Preppy colours


Preppy style started in the late 1940s and 1950s as a high school dress fashion for the upper class students. This style is interesting of its combination of casual, formal and outdoor sport clothes. This combination produces a mix of very comfortable and good-looking outfit, which is so attractive for our noisy life with a lot of stress.  In my blog I’m trying to explore this style step by step to apply it further in my own look and my own life.

So I want to start with colours! So the basic colours of the preppy style are: deep blue, red, bright yellow, sand, gray, white, khaki and beige. They can be mixed with pastel colours and stripes, equestrian details, nautical details, argyle and plaid prints.


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“That’s bee…

“That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

Steve Jobs.