Preppy in the 80s

Thrift Store Preppy

I recently opened a box of old photographs and college annuals and blew off the dust.  The images here are all from the 80s, an era that I fondly recall as the days of hair.

1983 –  This photo was taken just after my 17th birthday, and I would be going off to college the next year.  I’m wearing a pair of white cotton pants (white ducks), a navy surcingle belt, a light blue button down shirt and a rep tie.  I have a blue blazer draped over my shoulder and a hand in my pocket, stock gestures that class photographers back then encouraged.  Do they still do that?  If so, someone should tell them to stop!  It doesn’t look nonchalant, but rather silly.

Before College 1986 – Class photograph from my sophomore year of college.  Wow, where do I begin?  The hair was huge!  My wife refers to this as helmet…

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c. wonder


let’s talk preppy.

c. wonder, a new chain of colorful, preppy-inspired clothing, accessories, and decor has popped into my life and i don’t think i’ll ever be the same. dramatic, but really.

the brand undoubtedly resembles tory burch’s attention to bright, bold colors and has a nautical flair. its not an accident that j. christopher burch is the mastermind behind these little pop-up shops.

i stepped into the store and didn’t want to leave. between the nautically decorated ceilings, the nine foot surfboards, and the impressive wall of sunglasses, i was hooked. with my closest c. wonder store being the one in nantucket, i’m definitely thankful they have a website!


[nantucket store via cwonderstore instagram]


[limoncello shorts]


[i love you nautical flag bracelet]


[citrus currant soy candle]


[the preppiest innertube you ever did see – bought this. obsessed.]

have you been to a c.wonder yet? what are your…

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The Rubberband Man Wood Bow Tie by Ella Bing

The Ella Bing Repository of Bow Tie Knowledge

Handmade | Wood Bow Ties | Ella Bing

We have an explemary example of a terrific handmade wood bow tie. This Woody, is a layered, two-tone wood bow tie. The first wood being the Ficus Elastica tree, which at one point, its milky latex was once used for making rubber. The second wood, is from the Cancharana Tree, with a nice dark red-tone. This impressive wood bow tie, is made right here in the good ol’ US of A, specifically in Tampa Bay, FL and is paired with a lovely dark blue and white checkered pattern. Very man-esque.

  • Hailing from Bangladesh and E. Paraguay 
  • Made by hand, no two Ella Bing Woodys are alike – all made with love.
  • Fits up to a size 18” Neck – If you have a larger neck, let us know, we will take care of you.

Details and Care

A preppy, American-made, handmade bow tie…

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Assateague Madras Beau by Starboard Clothing Co.

North Star Dixie



assateague bowStarboard Clothing Co. debuted their Summer 2013 collection of beaus and I was instantly hooked.  A great selection of both bold colors and soft madras were among the mix making the collection a viable option for any one and every one.  What caught my eye most was the pink and green combination of the Assateague Madras Beau ($45).  Although the mixture of blue, yellow, and white are also noticeable, the pink and green stick out like a beautiful preppy clothing item should, bold but classic.  The Assateague is perfect for any occasion you have this summer and can easily be paired with pastel colored dress shirts or the traditional white button down.


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Look out Lords, fashion is moving in.

It seems that orders for strawberries and cream shall no longer just be enjoyed the Marylebone Cricket Club gentlemen – make that an order for two then.

The pavilion at Lords – a habitation that belongs proudly to the MCC gentlemen which part mutual mirth for cricket, is now set to serve an additional purpose as a location for a catwalk show at the upcoming London Collections: Men Schedule.  Image

The choice of location is desired to promote Savile Row’s English gentlemen collection on June 17th. Models will trot the famous London room showing new designs which range from cricket sweaters to summer sports attire and flannel trousers.

Lords could in fact, be described as a residence in London where time stands still. Rooted in heritage,  members of Lords exercise tradition in their conservative and preppy attire. They are clothes that share resemblance to the apparel of the Ivy…

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Rancourt & Co. Women’s Horsebit Loafer

North Star Dixie


My closet has seen a boost in the shoe department the last few weeks.  As much as I have shoes for seasonal wear, the fundamental loafers, boat shoes, and Rainbows are front and center on the shoe rack.  This past weekend I picked up a pair of Weejuns that are itching to be broken in as quick as possible.  As much as I am looking forward to decorating my feet with them, I have had my eye on Rancourt & Co. Horsebit Loafer ($280).  Hand made in Maine, the Horsebit has sleek feminine lines to set it apart from other traditional loafers.  The Horsebit hardware is slim but carries a classic look that won’t leave the top of your shoe screaming at your audience.  Pair with your favorite pair of chinos on chillier days (like the rain soaked ones of Minnesota lately) or with a pair shorts for Sunday…

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Sea Island Madras Patchwork Bow Tie by Just Madras

North Star Dixie

Sea Island Madras Patchwork







Madras plaid season is in full swing and the Sea Island Madras Patchwork Bow from Just Madras ($48) will be your most versatile piece.  The soft hues of green, pink, yellow, and blue help to tie this bow together for whatever occasion you may need it for.  This is perfect for those summer weddings, Bow Tie Fridays, and pairing it with your favorite seersucker suit on a Thursday on Capitol Hill.  With patchwork patterns, the Sea Island Bow will be a new look each time you tie it.

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Learning from the East. Ivy (League) Illustrated.

Retrospective modernism

Since the 1960s, Japan has been an important part of the story of the Ivy League Look, and during a few dark periods the island nation has played an important role in preventing the style from possible extinction.

Japenese Ivy Boys

Now as for ‘Ivy Illustrated’, currently sold out or if you’re lucky enough to get a copy over in Japan you might be able to get you’re hand on one. It’s a seriously inspiring and interesting book to flick through, over and over again. Brain Child of Mr. Kazuo Hozumi, the legend that has inspired and been a main contender in the continuous Ivy stance in the east.

Anyone interested in the Ivy-Japan connection will eventually encounter the name Kensuke Ishizu. He was the founder of Japanese Ivy league-inspired clothing brand VAN (officially VAN JACKET), and was another important figure in post-war Japanese fashion before the rise of the international avant-garde designers…

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