Learning from the East. Ivy (League) Illustrated.

Retrospective modernism

Since the 1960s, Japan has been an important part of the story of the Ivy League Look, and during a few dark periods the island nation has played an important role in preventing the style from possible extinction.

Japenese Ivy Boys

Now as for ‘Ivy Illustrated’, currently sold out or if you’re lucky enough to get a copy over in Japan you might be able to get you’re hand on one. It’s a seriously inspiring and interesting book to flick through, over and over again. Brain Child of Mr. Kazuo Hozumi, the legend that has inspired and been a main contender in the continuous Ivy stance in the east.

Anyone interested in the Ivy-Japan connection will eventually encounter the name Kensuke Ishizu. He was the founder of Japanese Ivy league-inspired clothing brand VAN (officially VAN JACKET), and was another important figure in post-war Japanese fashion before the rise of the international avant-garde designers…

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